The fruition model of the HoPE platform will be primarily based on mobile devices and is intended to complement and enhance pre-existing information and payment systems by adding useful forecasts about partial/overall journey time and partial/overall greenhouse gas emissions (in addition to fare calculation and mobile payments). Smart Ticketing features will implement secure payment procedures exploiting different technologies (NFC, QR codes, etc.) and will seamlessly support the entire buying process, as well as the ticket validation. This will lead to a flexible and advanced framework in which several transport operators will be able to join the system by adhering to a set of technical specifications and without undergoing long and complex administrative processes or strict legal agreements. Smart Trip-Planning features will provide for an unprecedented, reliable, and comprehensive user experience, always proposing to travellers the best available options for the next part of their journey, enhancing one or more key metrics associated to their trip (fare, duration, emissions). This will be obtained by exploiting static and real-time information used by several optimisation engines to enforce customisable policies and strategies.