Asociacion Cluster De Movilidad y Logistica de Euskadi (MLC) is one of the biggest clusters in Spain which has direct daily contact with the three main cities in the Basque Country: Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastian. Vitoria in particular is very focused on the improvement of green public transport being Green European Capital in 2012. The have several modes of transport here: interurban transport, urban transport, subway (Bilbao), trams (Bilbao & Vitoria) and regional and national trains which is estimated that allows more than 300.000 passengers yearly. HoPE system will be installed in such a way to cover the main cities and areas of the territory, in order to test the capability of the multimodal and eTicketing features considering a cross-regional approach, not only on a single city approach. The targeted users are approximately 800.


In the Basque Country almost all journeys held by the public are made at the regional level itself. A total of 6,086,203 movements resolved within the region, eg both its origin and destination are located somewhere in the Basque Country, representing 98.2% of trips generated. Only 114.368 journeys (1.8%) are resolved in the outside. 



 Of those 6,086,203 journeys made in the Basque Country, a total of 4.1254 million are resolved within the municipality in which they originate (67.8%), 1,250,028 journeys flows between municipalities in the same region as representing around 20%. While 509 870 (8.4%) are journeys that occurs between municipalities of the same province but from different regions. Finally the remaining 3.3% corresponds to journeys that occur between different provinces, which can be considered as small. It represents about 200.905 journeys. The set of the Basque Country region is provided by a transport system which structure is based on an extensive network of road, rail, air, port, cable system and integrated logistics organized as follows:



From the transport public side there are three operators providing the urban service in the three Basque capitals:

  • Bilbobus, Bilbao, Buses Nº 152, Line Nº 43, Urban area km 577,9
  • Dbus, San Sebastián, Buses Nº 120, Line Nº 36, Urban area km 247
  • Tuvisa, Vitoria, Buses Nº 86, Line Nº 15, Urban area km 201,6

Only the city of Bilbao has underground service operated by MetroBilbao with a two lines and 40 stops connecting the Bilbao Metropolitan Area. Finally Bilbao and Vitoria have tram service operated by Eskatrans. A mobile application is already available. It is a trip planner at the whole Basque Country level, where you can plan your route, check schedules, etc. In the area there is the possibility to exploit an already present Single Ticket framework.