Milestone MS1 achieved: definition of HOPE baseline aircraft and power plant systems

Building a Strong Foundation for Future Aircraft Studies

We are pleased to announce a new milestone (MS1) achieved in the HOPE Horizon Europe project. In the last months, the HOPE baseline aircraft and power plant systems were successfully defined and finalised by Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. (Moritz G. Kolb, Barlas Türkyilmaz, Yiyuan Ma, Arne Seitz). The baseline aircraft will play a key role in the assessment of HOPE’s multi-fuel propulsion system architecture and will serve as a benchmark against which the technologies developed in the project will be compared.

💡 Aircraft Design with BLADE

The baseline aircraft for HOPE is an A320 / B737 class aircraft with an Entry-Into-Service (EIS) of 2035 using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) as its energy carrier. The aircraft is derived in BLADE (Bauhaus Luftfahrt Aircraft Design Environment), a novel aircraft design software developed in-house by Bauhaus Luftfahrt. BLADE combines modularity, traceability and automation of the conceptual design process of conventional and future aircraft. BLADE will be utilized in HOPE for assessing all three aircraft scenarios:

➡️ HOPE Baseline Aircraft

➡️ HOPE Multi-Fuel Turbofan & FC-APU Aircraft

➡️ HOPE Multi-Fuel Turbofan, FC-APPU & BLI Propulsor Aircraft

Stay tuned for more updates!

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