Milestone MS4 achieved: multifuel combustion

Groundbreaking milestone towards sustainable aviation: HOPE’s multifuel combustion technology 🌍
We are thrilled to share an extraordinary milestone achieved by the HOPE Horizon Europe project. In the last weeks, we have demonstrated the multifuel combustion concept in aviation, using a swirl-stabilized, partially-premixed combustion system, tested at atmospheric conditions by Delft University of Technology (Kaushal Dave, Sarah Link, Francesca De Domenico, Arvind Gangoli Rao).

🔥 A seamless transition between 100% H2 and 100% Kerosene/SAFs
Our video demonstrates the seamless transition between 100% H2 (lean-premixed mode) and 100% kerosene (overall lean spray combustion mode). This breakthrough represents an important step towards the development of fuel-agnostic aero-engines, which may boost sustainable aviation in the short-to-medium term, opening new design spaces and allowing for more versatile operations of future aircraft.
From the video, it is also possible to observe that the Axial Air Injection system is modulated depending on the H2 content. AAI represents an additional air stream, which prevents flashback within the injection system to ensure its durability and efficiency during operations.

🌱 A step closer to a greener future
This is more than just a scientific achievement: if further matured, it enables fuel-flexible operations, for example allowing the improvement of Local Air Quality around the airports and overall less CO2 emissions during flight.
But that’s not all. Multifuel combustion systems permit to ease and de-risk the addition of H2 to the energy mix in aviation in the short/medium term, by reducing the size of the H2 tanks and thereby offering a “transitionary solution” while a 100% H2 solution is being developed.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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